Ja-Square - Smart Water Meter

Smart Water Meter

Our Smart Water Meter provides consumers with a seamless and continuous flow of real-time information and analysis about their water consumption through utilizing a local wired interface - RS485/DLMS, Euridis, MBus, Pulse, Digital Impulse or proprietary serial wired protocols. This is made feasible through our innovative and high-end platform, excelling in its advanced reporting and statistics systems.
In addition, our Smart Meter exhibits novel capabilities and water control, through smart valve control scenarios (fully open, partially open and fully close). Our Meter offers vast capabilities in terms of its communication module, which supports narrowband, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and NB-IoT/LoRaWan communication systems.
The Smart Water Meter, based on IP65 rating along with a minimum 10 years battery lifetime, is committed to provide a robust solution to better manage water consumption and resource allocation.


Real-Time Monitoring and Data Reading

Remote Valve Switching (open/semi-open/close)

Independent Equipment & Ease of Installation

Tamper alert in case of Opening or trying to Access the Device

Reports Generation